Use Epicor ERP to provide evidence that CGMP documented practices in medical device manufacturing are followed in production. Business moved from start-up and has completed audits from FDA and California Food and Drug Branch. Skilled in using Epicor reporting to develop information needed to make optimal decisions.

Changed the image of the stock room and material handling to a pro-active group that provides parts needed for production ahead of schedule and communicates part shortages to enable quick decision making. Routinely request updates to bills of material and routings as materials are the first people to view new jobs. Internal kanban processes and supplier managed inventory programs increased efficiency through reduced handling and fewer transactions.

Chosen as an integral team member to implement SAP in ten diverse plants across North America. Implementation completed in 15 months meeting the company’s target date and budgeted cost. Worked with each plant’s manufacturing manager and management team to develop their manufacturing system reporting strategy. Developed, coordinated and delivered training to plant team members on purchasing, production planning, material master, sales and distribution, control, finance, and quality management (ME, PP, MM, SD, CO, FICO, QM). The core implementation team was recognized for exceeding expectations and received a significant bonus.

Implemented visual factory tracking and control system in the warehouse. Brought critically needed cooperation and discipline to the replenishment of supplies in the manufacturing system. A shortage in these supplies could stop all production. In the warehouse a tag board showed more than fifty manually controlled tasks. The warehouse crew could easily see what had not yet been checked and the production people could quickly know if their item had been checked or reordered. Developed factory process and flow diagrams showing check points as well as when to check. Safety concerns were shown visually to protect from injuries.

Developed measures that focused action. Purchasing needed to react quickly to enable the return of tools to the customer. Worked with IT to develop dashboards that sequenced the demands by date, time, and buyer. Created reports and charts that compared the number of demands in total and those remaining after a set maximum reaction time. Trained the buyers to use the updated reports and charts. Communication with remote lab managers and technicians improved and on-time performance improved from 60% to 97%.

Implemented production scheduling system and processes. Trained users on the new software. Adherence to schedule improved from 35% promoting improvement in on-time delivery and improved ability to communicate problems to sales and customers.

Expert in ERP and other applications: Epicor, SAP, Oracle, ASK, QAD, Micro MRP MAX, Macola, Windows, 123, Excel, Paradox, Word, Access, MAPICS, MAS90, Novell, Sales Force.